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e-Sword Files
Please Note: we are in the process of moving these files for easier download.  Though we will do everything necessary to make sure all of these files are downloadable, there may be moments here and there when they aren't available.  When the move is complete, they will all be accessible.

The files on this page were created for use in e-Sword, a free Bible study software program for the PC.  In order to use them, you must have e-Sword installed on your computer.  It can be downloaded free from .

Inclusion on this list does not necessarily mean that we completely endorse everything contained in them  These files must always be compared against God's Word.  Everything in this list (except for those at the very bottom of the page) was created by members of the Lord's church.  Most of these files are all hosted at  In order to download them, you will need to register with that 100% free website (the links will take you there).  All that is necessary to register is an email address.

In order to use these files, you must download them and copy them to the e-Sword folder on your computer (c:/Program Files (x86)/e-Sword/).  When you restart e-Sword, the files will automatically be recognized and loaded.  If you experience difficulty in downloading or using these files, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

The files are alphabatized by the author's last name.  Some of these files are also available as downloadable pdf files, perfect for all e-readers, iPads, Nooks, and for reading on your computer.  Click here for our ebooks page.

Bible Downloads

Modern Literal Version - New Testament Translation (2014 Edition) NEW!!!
The goal of the translators of this version were to be as literal as possible, while using modern day English.  As much as is possible, Greek words are translated the same way throughout the translation (as opposed to some translations which use as many as 46 different English words to translate one Greek word).

Holy New Covenant - New Testament Translation

Translated in Palestine by the Galillee Translation Project in 1975, published in 1999, placed online in public domain in 2002.  This translation was published by the late William (Bill) Clark and the church of Christ in springfield, VA. 

Old Paths Version - Partial New Testament Translation
This translation was being created for use in a commentary on the New Testament, and includes Galatians (chapters 1-4), Colossians, I John, II John, and III John. 

Alexander Campbell's Living Oracles (1835) New Testament Translation
Though commonly attributed to Alexander Campbell as his own translation, it is more accurate to call it a combination of three different translations which Campbell edited and combined into one binding.

An Understandable Version (2005)
Originally created in 1994, this version went through a couple revisions before this final edition was released in 2005.  This New Testament is the result of years of work by William Paul.


Box, Charles - Commentaries on 23 books of the Bible (2011)
This set of commentaries covers Most of the Minor Prophets (excluding Zechariah), The gospels, Acts, I and II Corithians, Hebrews, James, and Revelation.  Also, parts of Nehemiah and Ecclesiastes are covered as well.

Caton, N.T. - Commentary on the Minor Epistles
This commentary for the common man covers James, I and II Peter, I, II, and III John, and Jude.  Though it is in-depth on many verses, the author never talks over his reader's heads.

Dunagan, Mark - Commentaries (2011)
These commentaries on most of the books from Acts to II Peter (and also Job and Ecclesiastes) are the result of over 15 years of labor.  There are over 2700 pages of notes in this resource. 

Hampton, Gary - Commentaries (2012)
This set of 14 commentaries covers 24 books of the Bible, includes Genesis, Joshua, Judges, Acts, I and II Corinthians, and Ephesians through Revelation.

Johnson, B.W. - Collected Commentaries
From the creator of the "People's New Testament" commentary (an official e-Sword resource) are four other volumes he wrote before his death.  Commentary on John, the Vision of the Ages: Lectures on the Apocalype (commentary on Revelation), and two volumes entitled Christian's International Lesson Commentary (1886 and 1887).  Easy to read and understand, and covers much of Genesis, Exodus, Ezra-Esther, Jeremiah, Daniel, Malachi, Matthew, and I John.

Luscombe, Manly - Commentaries and Study Guides (2011)
Manly Luscombe has preached the gospel for over 40 years.  The commentaries and study guides were created in preparation to teach these books in an adult Bible class.  Most of the New Testament is covered in this resource.

McGarvey, J.W. - Selected Commentaries
This file includes McGarvey's Fourfold Gospel, Original Commentary on Acts, Romans, I and II Corinthians, Galatians, I and II Thessalonians. 

Norris, Harold - Commentary on Revelation
This commentary on the final book of the Bible takes the "Spiritual View."  By this it is meant that Revelation was written to convey spiritual truths that apply to all Christians in all eras.

Price, Brad - Commentaries on Romans and I Corinthians (2010)
This set of commentaries contains over 1100 pages of notes on these two Pauline epistles.

Rose, Charles - Commentary on Ephesians, I Peter and II Peter (2011)
These commentaries are done as a series of questions, as presented in an adult Bible class.

Wallace, Foy E. - Commentary on Revelation (1966)
The book of Revelation was written to people in the first century, about things which would "shortly come to pass."  This commentary takes the Bible writer at his word and shows how the events described in the book of Revelation were fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.

Books/Sermon Collections
The items in this section are called .topx or .refx files.  In order to use these files you must have e-Sword 10.  When you download these files, move them to (c:\Program Files (x86)\e-Sword).  Open e-Sword, and click on "Tools" and then "Reference Library."

Anderson, James - The Act, Subjects, and Design of Baptism

This is the text of a sermon delivered on the subject of baptism.  It is still as applicable now as it was when brother Anderson delivered it over 100 years ago.  Available as an eBook here.

Anderson, James - The Work of the Holy Spirit
This is the text of a sermon delivered on the subject of the Holy Spirit.  It includes discussion of how the Spirit operates, how to know whether someone truly has the Spirit, and other topics.  Available as an eBook here.

Anderson, John - Tracts on Conversion
This short series of articles deals with the topic of true conversion to Christ and how it happens.  Available as an ebook here.

Bagby-Trice Discussion on Baptism
This debate, originally published in 1914, discusses the effects of baptism as well as the proper way of administering it.  Available as an ebook here.

Bell, R.C. - Studies in Ephesians NEW!!!
This book contains 20 essays that cover the entire book of Ephesians.  Includes questions at the end of each section.  Also included in this book is an autobiography of the author.

Bell, R.C. - Studies in Galatians NEW!!!
This book contains a series of 20 essays, covering the entire book of Galatians.  It includes questions at the end of each section for class discussion.

Bell, R.C. - Studies in Philippians NEW!!!
This book contains a series of 12 essays that cover the entire book of Romans.  It is set up perfectly for teaching through the book in one quarter.

Bell, R.C. - Studies in Romans
This book contains 52 lessons that take you through the entire book of Romans.  It is set up perfectly for someone wanting to teach a year-long class on Romans.  Contains discussion questions at the end of each lesson.  Available as an ebook here.

Brewer, G.C. - Customs and Christianity
This booklet is a study on women's head coverings, long/short hair, and dress.  Are Paul's commands in I Corinthians 11:3-16 an example of custom or Divine law?

Brewer, G.C. - The Model Church
Half of this book deals with elders, while the other half deals with deacons, withdrawing from the disorderly, finances, music, and related topics.

Brownlow, Leroy - Sermon in the Methodist Church
Leroy Brownlow was asked to preach (at the Methodist Church building) a sermon describing the church of Christ.  This 40+ page book contains the text of his sermon.  It covers the faith, practice, doctrtines, and origin of the church of Christ and shows it is not a denomination.

Campbell, Alexander - Demonology
Have you ever wondered where demons came from?  Mr. Campbell looks at the various popular theories, and then looks at what the Bible has to say about the topic.

Campbell, Alexander - An Analysis of the Book of Mormon (1832)
Written in 1832, just two years after Joseph Smith released his "Book of Mormon," this book shows that it was exposed as a fraud almost immediately.  Part of the background of Joseph Smith is included as well.
Also available as an ebook here.

Campbell, Alexander - Christian Baptism (1851)
This book was written to expose the false doctrines of sprinkling, pouring, and infant baptism.  Includes 134 questions on infant baptism.  Also deals with the original Greek words, the ancient translations, and the results of baptism.
Also available as an ebook here.

Campbell, Alexander - The Christian System (1839)
This book covers the whole Christian system, from God, Christ and the Holy Spirit to baptism, the Lord's Supper, Repentance, Sacrifices, types of Christ, and many other topics.  This is the expanded second edition of this work.

Campbell, Alexander - Is Capital Punishment Sanctioned By Divine Authority? NEW!!!
This is a 20-page essay on the issue of capital punishment.  Well thought-out, and Biblically based.

Campbell/Owen Debate on the Evidences of Christianity
Robert Owen was an atheist who attempted to prove that all religions are false because none agree with each other.  Campbell proved that Christianity was the only true religion, and that society was based on religion. 

Challen, James - Baptism in the Spirit and in Fire NEW!!!
This book shows conclusively that the baptism in the Spirit is not the same as the baptism in fire.  It also shows quite convincingly that the baptism in fire is destruction that will come upon the wicked.  Well-researched, and well-written.

DeHoff, George W. - Why We Believe the Bible
This book is a very easy-to-read volume on apologetics proving the inspiration of the Scriptures.
Also available as an ebook here.

Dungan, D.R. - Rum and Ruin: The Remedy Found
This classic work of temperance literature explains the evils of alcohol on the mind, body, and soul from medical, physical, financial, political, and of course biblical evidence.  It also exposes for all to see the underhanded and sinister motives of the alcohol industry.  And this was over 100 years ago. Also available as an ebook here.

Dungan, D.R. - The Sabbath or the Lord's Day, Which?
This book examines the Seventh-Day Adventists' claims about the Sabbath in light of the Scripture.  It is a very thorough treatment which shows the false doctrine of Sabbath-keeping.
Also available as an ebook here.

Ethridge, T.H. - Theories of the Holy Spirit: So and Not So (1935)
This booklet addresses such topics as the baptism of the Holy Spirit, so-called modern miracles, the direct operation of the Holy Spirit in conversion, and the connection of the Holy Spirit and the word of God.

Franklin, Benjamin - The Gospel Preacher (volume 1)
This Benjamin Franklin was a preacher during the Civil War and afterwards was the editor of the American Christian Review.  This is a collection of 20 full-text sermons, each averaging about 20 pages.  Many great topics are covered.
Also available as an ebook here.

Franklin, Benjamin - The Gospel Preacher (volume 2)
This collection of 21 full-text sermons discusses the Kingdom of Christ, Similarities and Differences with denominations, Dancing, Instrumental Music in Worship and more.

Garrison, James H. - Christ, the Way
This book deals with the role Christ should have in everything the Christian is and does.

Graham, Ronald W. - The Jesus of the Gospels
This book looks at Jesus in Matthew (the Prophet), Mark (the Miracle-Worker), Luke (the Praying One), and John (Lover of All People).

Hall, S.H. - Scripture Studies (Volume 4)
Three sets of responses to those who try to justify the inclusion of mechanical instruments of music in the worship.  Brother Hall thoroughly and completely refutes every one of their arguments.

Johnson, B.W. - Christ and the Future Life
This short book of 16 pages deals with the topic of the hope of heaven and eternal life throughout the Scriptures.

King, David - Primitive Christianity, the Apostacy, and the Restoration
What was the original kingdom of Christ (the church) like?  From the pages of Scripture, the original church is described.  What happened to it?  The Scriptures also foretold a great apostacy (which many believe was fulfilled in the Catholic Church).  This book tackles these topics as well as restoring true New Testament Christianity.

King, David - Why Baptize the Little Ones?
An examination of every major argument used to justify infant baptism.  And in the end, the conclusion is that the Bible does not authorize it at all.

King, David - The History and Mystery of the Christadelphians
Who are the Christadelphians?  What do they teach?  Who founded their church and came up with their doctrines?  This short book of 44 pages answers those questions and more. Available as an eBook here.

King, David - The Resurrection of Saints and Sinners at the Coming of the Lord
This book looks at the Scriptural evidence which shows a singular resurrection which takes place at the coming of the Lord.  This proves premillennialism (which claims multiple resurrections many years apart) to be false.

Kurfees, M.C. - Instrumental Music in the Worship
This book details the history and use of the Greek word psallo as well as showing the history of instrumental music in Christian worship.  Also shows many quotes from denominational scholars who fought against instrumental music in worship.
Also available as an ebook here.

Lamar, J.S. - The Inductive Method of Bible Interpretation (1860)
This book examines various methods of Biblical interpretation, and then presents the case for the Inductive Method being the best method.

Lard, Moses - A Review of "Campbellism Examined"
In the 1850s, a mean-spirited Baptist wrote a book called "Campbellism Examined."  A couple years later, Moses Lard published this excellent response, showing the fallacy of the accusations within the Baptist book.

Main, A.R. - Studies in Ambiguous Texts
This book discusses the author's view on many Bible texts that are somewhat ambiguous (could go more than one way).  Including: "baptism for the dead," "Why callest thou me good?" and others.

Main, A.R. - First Principles, Studies in BibleTruth
This book deals with the "First Principles" of the faith, including: The Bible, Jesus Christ, Sin, Faith, Repentance, Confession, Baptism, and the Church.

Martin, Joseph - The Voice of Seven Thunders, or Lectures on the Apocalypse
This book features a series of lectures covering the entire book of Revelation from the Historical Fulfillment point of view (that Revelation describes the history--in advance--of the church from the first century until the second coming of Christ).  Very informative for the one seeking to know more about this method of interpreting the final book of the Bible.

McGarvey, J.W. - Jesus and Jonah
This book proves that the book of Jonah was considered historical by Jesus Christ, as well as shows historical precident for people being swallowed by "great fish" and surviving.  Available as an ebook here.

McGarvey, J.W. - Guide to Bible Study
This book helps introduce the Bible reader to each section of the Scriptures, as well as gives a brief introduction to each book of the Bible. Also available as an ebook here.

McGarvey, J.W. - Letters to Bishop McIlvaine on Christian Union
This work consists of four letters written by J.W. McGarvey to an Episcopal Bishop who was advocating a new "association" and welcoming all denominations to join in under this one umbrella.

McGarvey, J.W. - Sermons
This book contains the full text of 24 sermons delivered by J.W. McGarvey near the end of his life.  He covers topics such as the Inspiration of the Bible, Remission of Sins, Cases of Conversion, Baptism, and others.

McGarvey, J.W. - Treatise on the Eldership
This book was written to show the Bible truth on the office of an elder, the titles, the duties, the qualifications, and other related issues.

McGarvey, J.W. - Short Essays on Biblical Criticism
This is a series of 204 articles dealing with the issues that are brought up by people seeking to destroy the Bible's credibility.  McGarvey deals with supposed contradictions, problems of authorship and date, as well as many other topics.
Also available as an ebook here.

McMillan, E.W. - The Minister's Spiritual Life
This book was written to help the preacher develop his spirituality, and help him to pass on that spirituality to others.  Available as an ebook here.

Milligan, Robert - The Great Commission of Jesus Christ to His Twelve Apostles
This book covers, in a very thorough way, the aspects of the Great Commission: to whom does it apply? what is baptism? What is "in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit"? Why "teaching to observe all things" that Jesus commanded?
Also available as an ebook here.

Oliver, Lancelot - The Apostles of Jesus Christ
Are the teachings of the Apostles to be rejected in favor of the teachings of Christ?  Or are the apostles the spokesmen for Christ who spoke by inspiration the things that Jesus told them to teach?  This book examines the apostles in the Bible and shows that they taught only what Christ gave them, and as such, their teachings ARE Christ's teachings.  Available as an eBook here.

Oliver, Lancelot - Ideals of Life
Live up to the ideals of the Bible!  This is the theme of this short book, showing that it is attainable and preferable and of eternal consequence!  Available as an ebook here.

Payne, F.C. - The Seal of God in Creation and the World NEW!!!
This 217 page book deals with proofs from nature that creation by God is the only rational explanation for the existence of life on earth.  This book on apologetics also discusses proofs from the Bible that prove God exists (prophecy, for example, is outside the capability of mankind alone).  Perhaps the most interesting chapter in the entire book is the one on "Numerics," the absolutely astounding ways that the number 7 appears over and over...and not just as the word "seven" in the text.

Pendleton, Phillip Y. - A Synoptic Life of the Apostle Paul
This small file contains a chronological account of the life of the apostle Paul, based solely on the Scripture record.  Originally published in 1901.

Pittman, Randall - Words and Their Ways in the Greek New Testament NEW!!!
Have you ever wondered what the significance of certain words are in the Bible?  Have you heard people say, "this word means..." but wanted more?  This book is written for the average Christian so that they can (without having to know Greek) begin to see the depth of meaning in some passages that they might otherwise just skip over. 

Scambler, T.H. - At the Lord's Table
Fifty devotional talks for use before the Lord's Supper.  Each of these are short, and could also be used in the church bulletin.  Available as an eBook here.

Scambler, T.H. - The Art of Sermon Construction
From choosing the text to making the perfect delivery, this book covers every aspect of making great sermons!

Schultz, W.A. - Repentance

This short book (five chapters) deals with the importance of repentance as well as the importance of those things which must come before it and the things that must come after it.  Available as an eBook here.

Scott, Walter - Discourse on the Holy Spirit
This small book shows the mission of the Holy Spirit, who it affected and how, and when it ended.  Does a great job of proving the doctrine of a "direct operation of the Holy Spirit" in conversion to be false.  Available as an ebook here.

Southern, Paul - New Testament Book Introductions
This is a collection of introductions to each book of the New Testament, along with review questions.  This makes very good Bible class material.

Stephenson, A.W. - The Lord's Supper NEW!!!
This is a collection of 27 articles dealing with various aspects of the Lord's Supper.  These would be good to give as short talks before partaking of the communion.

Stone, Barton W. - Atonement
This is a collection of two letters written in 1805 on the topic of Atonement.  It was written by Barton W. Stone, a gospel preacher, to a friend who was apparently joined with the Presbyterian Church.  It deals mostly with the sections of Calvinism.  Available as an ebook here.

Stroop, J. Ridley - Why do People Not See the Bible Alike?
A classic!  This book examines the reasons why there is not unity among those who claim to be following the same Bible.  Available as an ebook here.

Sweeney, Z.T. - The Spirit and the World
This book is a study of the Holy Spirit throughout the Bible.
Also available as an ebook here.

Webb, Allan and Williamson, James - The Deity of Christ
This file contains two articles defending the deity of Jesus Christ.  One is from 1848, the other from 1966.
you can access them from the "topic notes" tab within your commentary window in e-Sword.  We highly recommend upgraing to the latest version of e-Sword if you have not already done so.

Why I Left...
This book, published in 1949, contains a series of nine lectures by those who left denominations in order to become just Christians.  "Why I Left the Baptist Church," "Why I Left the Presbyterian Church," "Why I Left the Methodist Church," "Why I Left the Nazarene Church," "Why I Left the Catholic Church," "Why I Left the Christian Church," "Why I Left the Lutheran Church," "Why I Left the World," and "Why I Left the Anti-Class Position."
Also available as an ebook here.

The Living Pulpit of the Christian Church (1867)
This is a collection of 28 sermons from Restoration Movement preachers still living in 1867.  Among the authors are: J.W. McGarvey, Benjamin Franklin, Moses Lard, H.T. Anderson, J.S. Lamar, and Robert Milligan.  Also contains biographical sketches of each preacher.  Available as an ebook here.


Abner Jones: Christian Only (by Bradley Cobb)
This is a short biography of a man and a movement.  Years before Alexander Campbell ever preached his first sermon, Abner Jones was making the call to return to the Bible only, and called all denominations to leave their creed behind and be "Christians only."  Read about one of the lesser-known Restoration Movement preachers. Also available as an ebook here.

Memoirs of the Life and Experiences, Travels and Preaching of Abner Jones (Autobiography)
Abner Jones was a pioneer preacher who led the call in the New England area for people to shed their denominational names and creeds and just be "Christians only." This, his autobiography, was written in 1807, many years before Alexander Campbell came to America and began preaching.
Also available as an ebook here.

Abner Jones: The Man Who Believed and Taught (by J.F. Burnett)
This is a short biography in a series on influential preachers of the 1800s.  Abner Jones was a medical doctor who left his practice to preach the gospel full-time.  Avaliable as an eBook here.

James O'Kelly (By J.F. Burnett)
This is a short biographical booklet dealing with James O'Kelly, a former Methodist who became a powerful preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Available as an eBook here.

Samuel Rogers: The Toils and Struggles of Olden Times (autobiography)
Samuel Rogers was one of the earliest preachers of the 1800s.  In this autobiography, he describes being converted, beginning to preach, meeting Alexander Campbell, and many other fascinating events.

The Life of Knowles Shaw, the Singing Evangelist (By William Baxter)
Most famous for writing the song "Bringing in the Sheaves," this man was also a gospel preacher.  Before his tragic death, his final words were, "It is a glorious thing to rally people to the cross of Christ."  Available as an ebook here.

Elias Smith and Horace Mann (by J.F. Burnett)
Famous for being the publisher of the first religious newspaper, Elias Smith was also a preacher and writer in the early 1800s in New England.  Horace Mann was a Christian educator who believed heavily in the importace of teaching the Bible.  Two biographies in one book!  Available as an eBook here.

Barton W. Stone: The Man Who Studied and Taught (by J.F. Burnett)
This is a short biographical booklet dealing with Barton W. Stone, a former Presbyterian who became a powerful preacher and leader in the Restoration Movement.  Available as an ebook here.


Oliphant/Smith Debate on the Existence of God, Morality, and Evolution
This debate, which took place in 1929, was between W.L. Oliphant (Christian) and Charles Smith (atheist), and dealt with the existence of God, the Bible as the only code of morality, and on where everything came from.  Many sub-topics are discussed in the exchange between the two, including alledged contradictions in the Bible.

Donahue/Cockrell Debate on the Point of Salvation (1994)
This written debate is between a Christian and a Baptist on when a person is saved.  Cockrell (Baptist) declares that salvation occurs at the point of faith (though he also includes repentance and calling on the name of the Lord while vehemently denying baptism).  Donahue (Christian) denies the Baptist position.

Donahue/Carroll Debate - "Could Jesus Have Sinned?" (2008)
This written debate is between a Christian and a Oneness Pentecostal.  Carroll (Pentecostal) affirms that Christ was not tempted and could not be tempted because He is deity.  Donahue (Christian) uses Scripture to show that Christ was indeed tempted as a part of His humanity.

Donahue/Morrison Debate on "Once Saved always Saved" (2005)
Morrison (Baptist) takes the position of Calvinism, and Donahue (Christian) takes the position that one can fall from grace.


Condensed Bible Cyclopedia
This dictionary was made in 1896 by brother Ashley Johnson.  It is concise, yet thorough in the topics it covers.

 Other e-Sword Files
The files in this section are NOT done by members of the church of Christ.  However, we believe that these files are helpful and useful in discussing the topics that they cover.  It is for that reason that we created them and are providing links to them here.

Canright, D.M. - The Life of Ellen G. White: Her Claims Refuted
This book, written by a high-ranking former Seventh-Day Adventist, shows that Ellen G. White was a money-seeking, plagiarizing fraud.  The author of the book was a close associate of Mrs. White for 28 years (even marrying a girl raised by her), so he can be considered an expert on the topic.

Clark, D.S. - Commentary on Revelation
This commentary is written in easy-to-understand language, and shows conclusively that the pre-millennial approach to this book is false.

Davis, Stephen - Don't Be "Left Behind"
This book, written by a Baptist, is a series of articles showing that the prominent Baptist doctrine of Premillennialism is false and in conflict with the Bible.

Evans, R.C. - Forty Years in the Mormon Church - Why I Left It
This book explains why a Mormon preacher who was very high-ranking in that denomination finally left.  His conclusion: that Joseph Smith was a fraud.  Available as an ebook here.

Ewing, D.R. - The Identification of Babylon the Harlot in the Book of Revelation

This was presented as a Master's Thesis at a Baptist University, but the paper goes very much against Baptist thought in regards to the book of Revelation.  The paper presents, very convincingly, the case that Revelation was written describing the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.

Holford, George Peter - The Destruction of Jerusalem
This book describes, in great detail, the events surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem by Rome in AD 70.  The value of this book is found in that the prophecies of Jesus about the destruction of this city are pointed out throughout the book, showing how each part was literally and completely fulfilled when Jerusalem was destroyed.

Mouro, Philip - Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation
This book proves that the seventy weeks spoken of by Daniel were fulfilled in the first century, and shows that they were fulfilled very literally.  It is well worth the reading for someone interested in Old Testament prophecies.

Mouro, Philip - Speaking in Tonuges
Mr. Moura, a former Supreme Court attourney, turned his pen to combatting some of the prevalent false doctrines in his day.  This booklet shows that the so-called "speaking in tongues" that occurs today is not from God because it doesn't match at all with Scripture's description of tongue-speaking.

Mouro, Philip - The Hope of Israel: What is It?
This book deals with the false teaching that God's plans for the future are focused on restoring physical Israel to prominence as His chosen people.  The book shows that Israel got all that they were promised, and they were rejected as God's people as a result of rejecting God's Son.

Mouro, Philip - Which Version? (Authorized or Revised)

This book looks at the differences between the King James Version and the Revised Version (1889).  It includes descriptions of the manuscripts that these Bibles were based on, as well as the theories behind the two translations.  Written in an easy-to-understand way.

Mouro, Philip - Life in the Word
This book is about the Bible from start to finish: What it does, What it is, It's indestructibility, what it gives, etc...  This book shows that the Bible is truly from God as it claims to be.

Mauro, Philip - The Wonders of Bible Chronology
This book starts with Genesis and builds a detailed chronology showing the number of years from Creation to Christ.  If you ever wanted to know who did what and when, this book probably has the answer for you!

Scott, J. Julius - Did Jerusalem Christians Flee to Pella?
This is a lecture delivered to an archaeological conference.  In it, it is shown that the Christians in Jerusalem fled from Jerusalem prior to the destruction of that city in AD 70.  This gives major evidence that Jesus was warning the Christians about the destruction of Jerusalem in Matthew 24, and therefore the pre-millennial theory of that passage is false.