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We are currently compiling a list of links we hope will be of help to you in your path to serving God the way He wishes. 


Gospel Publications
We believe that we can benefit greatly by reading sound articles about Biblical things or from a Biblical perspective.  The following links will take you to the home pages for publications that we think will help you in your journey towards heaven.  (for a more complete list of publications from within the brotherhood, click on the "Brotherhood Publications" link at the top of the page).

Note: this section currently under construction


If you are interested in learning more on a specific topic, listening to sermons is a great way to do it.  The following websites have much to offer you.
  • OABS
    Also listed below, this site has streaming video available for hundreds of lectures from around the brotherhood.  They also have sermons and lectures available for downloading in audio formats.
Online Bible Classes
For those who are interested in growing as a Christian, and getting deeper into the Word of God, the following college-level courses are available for free online.  You can sign up and get credit towards a "degree," or you can simply take the classes for your own enjoyment and study.  Most of the classes are video, and can be viewed online.
  • Online Academy of Biblical Studies (OABS)
    This website has Bible classes on many different topics from General Introduction to the Bible to the Book of Revelation.  You can take the classes online, or download some of them for your own personal study.  This website has a full, 4-year curriculum of Bible classes.  If you sign up to be a student and complete the classes (all held on Saturdays), you will receive a certificate of completion.  They also have video from hundreds of brotherhood lectureships around the country available to watch for free online.  Classes can also be taken at your leisure, but you will receive no credit unless you have signed up for them.

  • Internet School of Biblical Studies (ISBS)
    Run in connection with World Video Bible School, this online Bible school also gives you the ability to get a deeper understanding of God's Word.  The advantage of this program is that you can take the classes at your leisure, and still receive credit for them.  Work around your schedule!

  • International College of The Bible (ICB)
    This is a college in which any preacher (or member) can enroll and get a Bachelor's or Master's degree.  For a preacher, there is not much work other than what the preacher would normally be doing (reading and writing sermons, occasionally listening to lectures).

  • Bible Institute of Missouri (BIM)
    This school is located in Springfield, MO.  There are three classes every Monday evening that are broadcast over the internet.  The classes vary each quarter.  The classes can also be downloaded and watched at your leisure.  The handouts for the classes are also available in downloadable files.
Other Recommended Links
These links will take you to websites that contain very helpful and useful Bible study tools. 
  • E-Sword - This Bible program is very user-friendly.  From their website, you can download multiple translations (The program includes KJV) such as the ASV (1901), ESV, and many other popular versions.  Strong's Concordance is also included.  You can also download Bible dictionaries and commentaries.  Oh, did we mention that it's free?  Please note: many of the commentaries and extra add-on features are denominational in content and origin.  Caution should be exercised.  We do not give our endorsement of any of the add-ons, but simply recommend this program as an excellent Bible study tool. NOTE: SEE OUR e-SWORD PAGE for many add-on Bibles, commentaries, and books written by members of the Lord's church.

  • Audacity - This free program allows you to record and edit audio.  The sermons on this website were recorded using this program.  It also allows you to edit objectionable material from songs.

  • DVD Video Soft - This all-in-one program can convert audio and video files to almost anything you can imagine.  It also allows you to edit video files, removing sinful content and making your movies more family-freindly.