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Brotherhood Publications
The following publications are produced by members of the church. Inclusion in this list DOES NOT necessarily mean endorsement of all of the beliefs held by those who publish these papers. All things written must be compared with what the Bible says.  Most of these are published from what is referred to as the “mainstream” church of Christ perspective. Some are from Non-Institutional brethren, some from One-Cup congregations, some from non-Sunday School congregations. This list will not include liberal publications which view the Lord's church as a denomination among many, nor will it include any publication whose purpose is to tear brethren down.

Abundant Life (Monthly, Online only)
Put out by the Westside church of Christ, Irving, TX. This is a 4-page journal of encouraging and informative articles. Occasionally they have larger issues. They are a non-institutional congregation, but they do not generally address those issues in their paper. Their website (where you can subscribe and download past issues) is 

Past issues available upon request from the Duluth, GA church of Christ  Edited by Skip Andrews: email

Banner of Truth (Monthly, Free)
Edited by Walter Pigg. This is a 18-24 page publication put out by the Hickory Grove church of Christ. His email address is  Past issues can be downloaded at

Basic Christianity (monthly, Free)
This is a publication put out by a non-Sunday School congregation in Fayetteville, AR. It is 8-12 pages. It can be read online at . Print subscriptions are free.

The Bible Meditator (Monthly, Free)
This publication is put out by the Grants Pass church of Christ. Print versions are available free of charge, or you can receive it via email as a pdf file. The emailed version varies in size each month (from 1-13 megs) Edited by Don Ruhl,  To sign up for the Email version, email  and request the PDF version.

Carolina Messenger (Monthly except December, Free)
This is an 8-page journal edited by David Pharr. Their email address is: Every published issue can be downloaded from their website.

Challenge (online only, Free)
This publication ceased some time back, but is now being made again in an online format. It is edited by Jerry McDonald and focuses mostly on combating atheism, evolution, and other current moral issues.  Some past issues as well as new issues can be found at

Christian Courier (Monthly, Rate unknown)
Published by Wayne Jackson. Their website is:  which features articles that are different from those in the print publication. Subscribe via their website.

Christian Courier (Bi-Monthly, Free)
Published since 1966 by some one-cup brethren in Washington. This publication can be downloaded from their website or mailed to you free of charge. Sign up at

The Christian Informer (Monthly, Free)
This is a publication from the Non-Institutional Brethren. It is an 8-page monthly bulletin of sorts with a 3-4 page article and then a nation-wide prayer list and Gospel Meeting list. There is a suggested subscription fee for the paper copy, but they also send it free via email. Edited and published by Richard Nichols. The email address is

Christian Woman (Monthly, $17/yr - discounts for bundles)
by Gospel Advocate. Edited by Janie Craun. (800) 251-8446. Or  Approx 40-48 pages.

The Christian Worker (Monthly, $6/yr)
Put out by the South West School of Biblical Studies. It is billed as the third oldest continually published journal in the brotherhood. For more information go to  or email

Christian's Expositor Journal (quarterly, $15/yr)
This is a well-written journal put out by the one-cup, non Sunday School brethren, though this writer has never seen those issues addressed in this publication.  Edited by Smith Bibens  They have most of past issues on their website

Discovery (Monthly, $12/yr - discount for bundles)
Science & Scripture for Kids . Apologetics Press, edited by Kyle Butt. (800) 234-8558 or . Approximately 8 pages.

The Entrusted Word (Monthly, $12/yr) STATUS UNKNOWN
Published by the Bear Valley Bible Institute. Edited by Wayne Burger. It can be subscribed to in print form or as a pdf, but there is a charge for either.  No information was found on the Bear Valley website as of July 2010.

Past issues available upon request via the Duluth, GA church of Christ  Edited by Skip Andrews: 

Published since 1884. Edited by H.A. “Buster” Dobbs. This is a 40-page monthly journal.  They have a new website, but it is apparently still being built (as their old one is no longer in existence) 

Forthright Magazine (online)
This is an online publication, but if you sign up for it, they will send each article to your email inbox as it is posted on their website.

Fulton County Gospel News (Monthly, Free)
This is a monthly, 4-page publication. It has been continually published for approx. 50 years. Their new website has the latest issues, as well as many issues from the 1950's.

Glad Tidings of Good Things
Published by the Jacksonville church of Christ, and edited by Allen Webster. This is basically their monthly bulletin, but it is full of articles and things like House-To-House/Heart-To-Heart.

Gospel Advocate (Monthly, $17/yr - discounts for bundles)
One of the oldest publications in the brotherhood (152 years). 48 pages. 1-800-251-8446 

Gospel Gazette (Monthly, Online)
This is an online magazine, but they have a new issue each month with quite a number of articles. All of their past issues are also online.

Gospel Gleaner (Monthly, unknown price)
The Gospel Gleaner has returned after a multi-year haitus.  Current Website is  Past issues can be downloaded at 

Gospel Journal (Monthly, $16/yr)
This is a 36-page monthly magazine, much like Gospel Advocate. Now edited by Johnny Skaggs. 

Gospel Light (Monthly, $9/yr - Discounted Rates for Congregation Bundles)
This is a monthly magazine, published in Delight Arkansas since 1931. They also publish a large range of books on the Restoration Movement, as well as commentaries from various members of the church.  This is not free, but bundles for congregations are very reasonable, and individual subscriptions are available. Bound volumes are available for each year from 1945 on up.

The Gospel Message (Monthly, $5/yr - Online for free)
This is a publication edited by Thomas W. Woody. Current and past issues can be read online, some issues dating back to 1961! 

Gospel Minutes (weekly)

This publication is no longer being made.  Over 1200 pages of material is available to read at their website, however.  There are articles from Hardeman, Freed, Guy N. Woods, as well as many current preachers.

Harvester (Monthly, Free)
It is available online as well as in print. It's a monthly publication of the Florida School of Preaching. Click on "The Harvester" at

House-To-House, Heart-To-Heart (free)
Published by the Jacksonville church of Christ, and edited by Allen Webster. This is the most widely distributed publication from members of the church. You can sign up for the publication on their website, or request however many you want for your congregation to mail out to your local area. Their website is:

The Light (Monthly, $4/yr)
This is a one-cup publication.  They have most of their past issues online. 

The Magnolia Messenger (Monthly, Free)
It is a newspaper-type publication that is free to all, whether in the mail or via download on their website. It has various articles, as well as new from congregations in the southeast section of the country.

Nobility (now on our website)
Published by the West End church of Christ in Conway, AR. Written/edited by Chuck Northrop.  It was written with those who are not members of the church in mind as an evangelistic tool. This publication had a print run of twelve issues, and was mailed out to many households in their county. This publication may be downloaded from our website's "downloads" page.

Old Paths (monthly, free)
(Not to be confused with "Seek The Old Paths.") Dalton Key is the editor.  The mailing address is:  North Amarillo church of Christ, 801 N.E. 15th, Amarillo, TX 79107. This publication has been in existence for over 30 years now.

Old Paths Advocate (monthly, $13/yr)
A Non-Institutional Publication (one-cup/non-Sunday School).  Still apparently influential in that section of the brotherhood.  there are two websites that have past issues online.
and  Subscription information can be found at the second listed site.

This “monthly” journal is edited by Wayne Coates. Some past issues can be downloaded from

Power (Monthly, $5/yr or free to any preachers or elders)
Published by the Southaven, MS congregation, home of the POWER lectures. Subscription information can be found at

This is yet another publication from the Duluth church of Christ in Duluth, GA. It is edited by Skip Andrews. Email:  This is still being published, and some past issues can be downloaded from their old website,

Reason & Revelation (Monthly, $10/yr - Free online)
A Monthly Journal of Christian Evidences. Apologetics Press, edited by Dave Miller. (800) 234-8558 or . Approximately 8 pages.

Reflections on the Precious Book Divine STATUS UNKNOWN
Also know just as "Reflections," this publication is published in Lindsey, OK.  Their website has articles updated almost daily.  If you are interested in receiving this publication (they send bundles to congregations), contact one of the authors from their website.

Rocky Mountain Christian News (Monthly, $13/yr)
This is a publication edited by Ron Carter. It is a combination religious publication/newspaper. It is directed towards the congregations in the Rocky Mountain region. To subscribe, email  Their website includes some of the articles from the current issue, but not all.

Scripture Standard (monthly, by the brethren in the UK)
Paper subscription is $16/year (mailed from the UK), but they also send them via email as pdf files (I think for free). It's a 16-page publication with lots of interesting articles.  The person in charge of the emailing of issues can be contacted here.  The current editor is Allan Ashurst, who can be emailed here.

Searching The Scriptures
This was published from 1960-1992, apparently by Non-Institutional brethren. It is no longer in print, but every issue in their 33 years of existence is available for download from 

Seek The Old Paths (Monthly, Free)
This is a conservative monthly publication. They put you on their mailing list for free, and you can download all the past issues in PDF format. is the editor's email

Seek Ye First (Quarterly, Free) STATUS UNKNOWN
This publication is relatively new.  Edited by Tom Moore. 

Formerly a bi-monthly, 4-page journal edited by Oran Rhodes.

The Sower (Monthly, Free online) NO LONGER PUBLISHED
Put out by the students at the Tri-City School of Preaching.

The Sower (Quarterly, Free)
This one is put out by the Greenfield church of Christ.  Their email address is:

Spirit And Truth (Monthly, $20/yr) STATUS UNKNOWN
This is a publication apparently from the Non-Institutional brethren (which part is unsure).  Their website has been shut down recently due to technical problems.  No other information can be found regardng this publication.

Spiritual Sword (Quarterly, $6/yr)
Edited by Alan Highers. If you want to see what it’s all about, contact them, and request a free sample issue.

Sword and Staff (Quarterly, Free)
This is a 16-page publication.  Jim Gibbons is the publisher.  The past two years worth of issues can be downloaded as pdf files from their website.  More past issues are forthcoming.  It can be requested through their website or you can contact them via their mailing address The Sword And Staff; PO Box 147; Mt. Airy, NC 72030. Their phone number is (336) 789-1044.  They also send out bound volumes of the last 20+ years at no charge.

Therefore Stand (Monthly, $8/yr)
This is an 8 page, two-colored monthly containing a balance of biblical studies. In the 25th year. They always have an article on a Greek word. Editor -

Think Magazine (Monthly, $30/yr)
Published by Focus Press. Edited by former Apologetics Press man, Brad Harrub. This publication deals with modern issues in science and what God has to say about it. The first issue was on Stem Cell Research. http://www.FocusPress.Org

Truth Magazine (Monthly, $24/yr)
Put out by the Non-Institutional Brethren, formerly known as Guardian of Truth. A 32-page, monthly magazine. $24/yr.

Truth For Today (Monthly by the Verona, MS church of Christ, FREE)
I visited this congregation in 1998, and signed up for this publication in person. Wayne Cox, is the minister and editor. 

Truth In Love
Published 5-7 times a year. Edited by Paul Sain. Past issues can be downloaded from the East Hill church of Christ in Pulaski, TN website  In addition, the annual Truth In Love Lectureship books can be downloaded there as well.  Editor's email address:

Truth and Reason
I don’t know about the frequency of this publication, or if it is still being published or not, but past issues can be downloaded from their website.  . This publication is put out by some non-Institutional Brethren, but I’ve not noticed any articles that deal with those issues.

Upon The Rock (Bi-Monthly, Free)
This is a bi-monthly publication about 24 pages long, each issue has a different theme, but upon request, they will send you bundles of the new issues for the congregation every other month (bundles are 20, but you could request more), and it's free. Mark Reynolds is the editor of it mreyn8391@aol.com

Vigil (Bi-Monthly, Free)
Each issue deals with a different overall theme. It is a 8-page paper.  Their email address is  You can download several past issues in pdf format.

The Voice of Truth International (quarterly, $4/yr - discounts for bundles)
World Evangelism Foundation, edited by Byron Nichols. (417) 823-4918.

Watchman Magazine (online)
This is a magazine by some Non-Institutional brethren. They were supposed to be re-starting the print edition in 2010. Past issues can be read at 

Words of Truth (Monthly, Free)
Individual or bundle subscriptions available. Past issues can be read online. Their email is