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Restoration Movement

We have made available several books that deal with the Restoration Movement.  Check out our selection of free eBooks that you can either read online or download to your computer to read later!  But we also want to let you know about some Restoration Movement books that our webmaster has published.  These are available to purchase in print, as well as in eBook format from his website,

Alexander Campbell: A Collection (Volume 1)
Alexander Campbell's Tour in Scotland tells the story of how Campbell was falsely accused and arrested by a mean-spirited "pastor." Alexander Campbell as a Preacher explains why he was so effective in proclaiming God's word.  Demonology is a lecture by Campbell where he gives the Bible evidence for the origin and nature of demons.  Delusions is a scathing exposure of the Book of Mormon as fraudulent.

Abner Jones: a Collection (Volume 1)
This book contains Abner Jones' autobiography, which has been out of print for over 200 years!  It also contains two short biographies of him.  One focuses on his struggle to restore New Testament Christianity, and the other focuses more on his effort to unify the churches into one church--Christ's church.

Toils and Struggles of the Olden Times: The Autobiography of Elder Samuel Rogers
He was a soldier in the war of 1812.  Then he went on to preach the gospel.  And as he went along, he discovered that what he'd been teaching wasn't the truth.  This is the story of one man's search for the true New Testament church, and his efforts to spread the pure gospel far and wide.

Pardee Butler: The Definitive Collection
Pardee Butler was a preacher in Kansas who stood strong against slavery in the mid-1800s.  His outspoken opposition to this practice led to his being tarred and cottoned (they had no feathers), to being thrown in the river on a rotton raft (and he couldn't swim), and running for his life for fear of being killed by slave-owners.  But through it all, he preached the gospel and tried to bring people to Christ.

Sketches of Our Pioneers: a Brief Restoration Movement History
This book contains several short biographical sketches of men whose goal was to restore New Testament Christianity.  Some of these men are well-known (Alexander Campbell, for instance), while others are more obscure (Chester Bullard, among others).  But each one of them has a unique story, and in reading this book, you will see that God uses all kinds to accomplish His will.

Other books are available at his website.  We encourage you to check it out!


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